The Dr Deyus Lecture 2014

October 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The bell rang, the room settled and John Edge, the President of the Society said “Good evening”. You just know it’s going to be a good night. People come into the room determined to make the night a success. Tuesday saw our first guest speaker for the traditional Dr Deyus Lecture and it was an evening not to be missed.

Things got off to a frantic beginning; this was the hand in deadline for this year’s first club competition for an open subject: up to two colour prints, two monochrome prints and two projected digital images. A brief glance said that there were a big number of entries and the standard was high. Next Tuesday is going to be an exciting evening – don’t miss it.

It was Carl Wright’s first experience of Whitchurch Photographic Society and so there was high expectation of something different; we were not disappointed. While the “Ten Step digital Workflow” had the potential to go awry instead it took us into areas of interesting questions, knowledgeable facts and wry humour. Be you and expert or a beginner there was something for everybody and while we considered why we took photographs in the first place Carl beguiled us with a small number of images taken with the latest Fuji X-T1. He challenged us to think about why we used a DSLR and made us think about what kind of images we wanted to take and whether we might not be better considering other tools of the trade.

Carl spent time talking about prime lenses and the creative possibilities of apertures of f2 and how effective they can be in low light environments. While this sounds obvious it challenged the received wisdom of needing to have a DSLR and a selection of lenses and brought creativity and imagination to the fore. This was a good night and one which I think members will reflect on for a while to come.

You can find out more about Carl’s work here: