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Open Competition Results 14/10/2014
Place Name Title
First Keith Roberts The Ploughing Match
Second Keith Roberts Horse Power
Third Paul Hardern F15 Pulls Up Out Of Low Level
Equal Fifth Val Garrett Fishing Gannet
  John Davies Play Time
Colour Prints    
First Paul Hayward Classical Pose
Second Allan heath Corn Bunting Carrying Food
Third Patrick Miles Stormy Skies Over The Langdales
Fourth Chris Middleton Mid Air Ambush
Equal Fifth Paul Hardern F15 With Flare
  Val Garrett Elusive Scottish Wildcat
Mono Prints    
First Chris Goody Buttress - Gibbs Fjord
Second Geraldine Stephenson Paw Prints In The Snow
Third Paul Hardern F15 Heading For Home
Fourth Chris Goody A Flight Of Brunnich's Guillemots
Equal Fifth Allan Heath Running Out Of Steam
  Allan Heath Jennifer Hutt























The Open Competition threw up some great entries both from established society members and members who are entering prints and PDIs for the first time this year; I'm sure we gave the judge John Hoogerwerf lots to think about. The session on Tuesday 21st which looked back at the Judge's comments made for an equally interesting evening which provided much humour and food for thought. It's a measure of the shared interest and friendliness within the society that members are able to comment on the outcome of competitions.

All in all there were some useful lessons learned: the use of warm and cold colours to create tension withing a picture and the importance of not "over cooking colour". There were also interesting observations while some PDIs which were well composed didn't do as well as some which broke the rules which means it's sometimes better to go with your instincts and capture the moment.

While we might not always agree with what the judge said we value their opinion and we appreciate the time they take to come to our Tuesday night sessions and make the competitions possible.

For those members who wish to pt their skills in a competition that is a little more challenging the closing date for the Smethwick International Exhibition is the 10th November. This is a prestigious competition and will get you onto the International Circuit if you get an acceptance. The details are here:


Members of the committee who have previous experience of entering at this level will be happy to offer advice and guidance.

Also the Wrekin Salon which attracts some 5000 International entries is open for submissions. Closing date is 5th November and details of entries are here:


Next week it's the Interclub competition with Nantwich and Tilman Kleinhans is judging; see you there.


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