Natwitch vs Whitchurch: Judge, Tilman Kleinhans

November 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

There are interclub competitions and there are interclub competitions but this was a very tense one. The standard of entry in both the print and DPI sections was very high and with a full house of members from both clubs Tilman had his work cut out.

The scoring covered a wide range of marks in order that the judge could create space between the entries; a range of 15 to 20 wouldn't have separated them out sufficiently so the lowest mark awarded was 13. As the marks were awarded the tension became palpable; some were held back for further consideration and we had to wait. In the end two prints were awarded top marks, one from each club.

After a coffee break and a chance to talk to members of the visiting club and to engage new members visiting for the first time it was back for the DPIs. The quality of the images was relentless and each new photograph drew murmurs of approval. There was a wide range of marks once again and a selection of images held back: One by one they were scored; 17, 18, 19 until the final scores of 20.

A brief wait whilst the scores were totalled to ensure that they agreed with the computer and Nantwich took the night 511 points to 490 winning the PDI section by 254 to 246 and the print section 257 to 244. Top scores for Whitchurch came from Geraldine's Marmalade Fly in the PDI's and Chris Goody's Buttress, Gibbs Fjord in the print section. An excellent evening and if it's an indication of the interclub competitions to come then we have more enjoyable evenings in store. Congratulations to Nantwich and many thanks for enabling a great evening of photographic competition and thank you to Tilman Keinhans for his excellent judging of a competition of very high standards.


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