Annual Knockout Competition

April 02, 2014  •  2 Comments

There is a long history behind the annual knockout competition which goes back to the days of badly behaved slide projectors mounted side by side. The principle remains the same: randomised images projected side by side and subjected to the vote of the membership until only one remains to be declared the winner. Without the critique of a visiting judge it’s down to what the members think and what they think is not always down to the rules of composition but down to whether the picture on the left is as appealing as the picture on the right.

An evening of enormous fun and great humour, not to say great humility on the part of the competitors because, as we saw last night, even our best performing members can be defeated by a picture of a pair of performing beetles or a cute vole peeping from behind a small rock.

This is not to say that the best do not prevail and last night was no exception. Highest accolade went to Chris Goody for a magnificent shot of a vulture silhouetted against a burning sunset. V for VultureWinning Picture by Chris Goody

Runner up title went to Chris Middleton for an inspiring picture of Liverpool Cathedral;

Liverpool Cathedral2nd Place photograph by Chris Middleton

Chris also took third with a lovely action shot of a spaniel at full gallop.

SpanielThird place winner by Chris Middleton

Finally Howard W Hilton made a creditable fourth place with a beautiful image from the Basle festival that captured the atmosphere of the day.

Challenging Look - Basel FestivalFourth Place winner by Howard M Wilson

Whitchurch Photographic Society has a deep commitment to encouraging photographic standards of the highest quality but the Society also prides itself on its sense of personal and shared pleasure in the photographic image as well as competitions, last night showed that Photography can be about both of these things. A special vote of thanks has to go to Chris Middleton for taking the time to organise all of the images so that we did not have to resort to badly behaved slide projectors or even dual screens but had the benefit of images presented under equal conditions.

A special week next week with a lecture from Alan Heath; Alan’s photographs always impress and his informal style provides for a great evening. We are also welcoming the former Mayor of Whitchurch Cllr Peggy Mullock who will be presented with a cheque,  by John Edge the Society President, for money raised by the Society at last year’s successful exhibition at the Severn Theatre.


Patrick Miles(non-registered)
Great report of the It's a knockout. I have been away so it was good to hear the news of what seems a very successful night.
Chris Middleton(non-registered)
Many thanks Paul for the inspiring Blog. Great when it all comes together.

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