Image of the Year Competition 2014

April 16, 2014  •  2 Comments

You could hear a pin drop: Tilman Kleinhans looked intently at the held back images and considered his verdict. Nobody breathed, even if their image wasn’t one of those on the screen. Would it be the stunning “Jaguar Hunting” the “Sultry” portrait or the dramatic “Mating Lions, March Pride”? What would it be: commended, highly commended, third, second or image of the year?

The Image of the Year competition represents the best that individuals have to offer and it provides an evening of high drama and great humour which is enjoyed by one and all. Tilman Kleinhans took on a near impossible role judging high quality images in the monochrome print, colour print and projected digital images section where he had to compare natural history against landscapes, portraits, abstracts and still life. He did this with a critical eye, constructive comments and great humour that kept the membership spell bound and entertained right up to the final PDI.

Winner of the monochrome print section was Libby Middleton with her atmospheric image "Express Delivery". 

Express DeliveryExpress Delivery


Colour print went to Chris Goody for his amazing image of "Brown Bears Chasing Salmon".


Brown Bears Chasing SalmonBrown Bears Chasing Salmon


Winner of the projected digital image was Geraldine Stephenson’s compelling “Mating Lions, March Pride”.


Mating LionsMating Lions


This was an excellent evening and the Society is grateful to Tilman for his time and his expertise in judging a challenging range of images. Thanks also to Chris for organising the DPIs and to the competition secretaries Fred and Geraldine.

Last night Alan Heath also gave us the excellent news that Geraldine Stephenson’s Midphot entry: a monochrome entitled "Subway" has been sent forward to the PAGB inter-regional competition. Everybody’s congratulations and best wishes going forward. Next week sees the documentary and images to music competition; always an interesting night and we look forward to seeing everybody at this final competition before the AGM.


Libby Middleton(non-registered)
I can't tell you how exciting it was to achieve first place in the Monochrome Print section. I love the image of the old shop bike, titled 'Express Deliver' because it would have been in those days..!
It was one of those images that you play around with and think, 'yes. That'll do', never really thinking it would go anywhere. It has in fact, been fairly successful through the season - just shows what I know..!

Well done to Chris Goody and to Geraldine Stephenson on winning the Colour Print and PDI's, respectively. And, well done to all who entered and made it a very exciting competition. A satisfying end to the season..!
Patrick Miles(non-registered)
A great report of a brilliant evening
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