Whitchurch Photographic Society Success at MidPhot 2014

April 07, 2014  •  2 Comments

Whitchurch PS has achieved its most successful result in the Midlands Federation annual competition.  This competition is open to photographers who are members of a Midlands photographic club.  In all 19 Whitchurch PS entries were accepted for exhibition from 7 club members.


The Nature Print section of the competition saw the highest awards. 

Allan Heath was awarded the trophy for Best Nature Print for “Lesser Kestrel Landing” and the Gianpiero Ferrari medal for “Male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker”.

He also had 2 other colour prints accepted in this category. 

Chris Goody was awarded the Bill Hall medal for “Great Black Vulture Feeding on Caiman” and the MidPhot ribbon for “Brown Bears Chasing Salmon”. 

He had one other print accepted in this category, and 2 further acceptances in the Nature Projected Images section.


  • Chris Middleton had 4 entries accepted in the in the General Projected Images section.
  • Geraldine Stephenson had an entry accepted in the Monochrome Print section, the Nature Projected Image section and the General Projected Images section.
  • Libby Middleton had 2 entries accepted in the General Projected Images section.
  • Howard Hilton had 1 entry accepted in the General Projected Images section.


A collection of photographs from the above authors and other members of the club can be seen on the Whitchurch Photographic Society website under the Members Galleries tab.


Chris Middleton(non-registered)
Well done to WPS especially Chris Goody and Allan Heath on their special awards. Excellent result.
Patrick WR Miles(non-registered)
An excellent blog on a very successful Midphot entry. Great stuff.
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