Mark Wilbrey and The Photographers Diet

January 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Speakers at Whitchurch Photographic Society are often informative and entertaining but seldom, if ever are they subversive. Last night we were treated to subversion at its very best as Mark Wilbrey once again showed that there is more than one way to look at a photograph.

We have had speakers who made us laugh, we have had speakers who gave us toys to play with but last night we were given a group exercise to complete. There was an outcome: we described interpreted and evaluated images as they appeared across a wide range of print media. Pictures are more than just a view of composition, exposure, sharpness and presentation we need to be looking at the thing, time and the vantage point.

On this journey to subvert the conventional view of photography we looked at the work of Bresson, Ansel Adams, Bob Baker, Stieglitz and Ronald Haeberle amongst others, and what a journey. Once again Mark has proved himself an expert in his field and has demonstrated a style that informs and entertains. Last night was part one of two, I for one can’t wait until next week.


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