15 Things You Should Know......

November 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I did  presentation  called "15 Things You Need To Know About Your Camera"  There was no intention to teach grandma to suck eggs at all.  The purpose was to bring out things that you may not have been familiar with or forgotten about.  It sparked some good conversation and brought out how others do things in a slightly different way.

For me getting to know how to use exposure compensation, how to move the focal point around the view finder and perhaps the Highlight Alert would bring great gains to helping create better sharper images with all the detail that is required.

I said I would share the Bryan Peterson You Tube video Perfect Picture - you will find it here.

Also handout that pretty well covers the things i mentioned will be found here.

There is no magic to better photography but being aware how to control your camera to ensure focus and detail is captured perfectly will go a long way to ensure you capture That Perfect Picture.

Happy snapping


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