Proposed Change to the Competition Rules of Whitchurch Photographic Society

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The rules of the Society have stood for many years and have served their purpose well. Recently, however, we have experienced technical failures which, through no fault of any individual, have resulted in Projected Digital Image entries not being shown or awarded a score. This has the potential to cause problems at the end of the year when the scores contribute to the final placings and the annual awards are made; not to mention the potential for distress during the year.


To date members of the organising committee have managed the situation but it was felt that the time was right to put in place a process for handling such an eventuality. The committee is, therefore, proposing an addition to the competition rules. This will be Rule 12 and it is presented here for consideration by the membership of the society.




Rule 12. In the event that a Projected Digital Image (PDI) is not scored in a competition as the result of a technical failure the competition secretary shall in the first instance approach the judge of that competition and ask them to award a mark after the event.


If, for any reason, the judge feels unable to award a mark then the current selection committee will be asked to award a mark. This will be done at a regular selection committee. If no selection committee is scheduled then the selection committee will be convened by the competition secretary at the earliest opportunity and a mark shall be awarded.The author of a PDI under consideration by the selection committee shall not be party to the award of a mark.


In either event the mark shall stand as the official mark and will be recorded with the other marks for that competition.


Decision Required:


The membership is asked to consider the proposal for Rule 12. Any proposed amendments are to be given, in writing, to the Chair. The new rule and any amendments will be considered at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held prior to the club night on 5th January 2016.


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