Charlie Waite Evening 15th September 2015 - Market Drayton

September 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

After months of anticipation finally our ‘Evening with Charlie Waite’ at The Festival Drayton Centre had arrived. 

Charlie is one of the greatest and best-loved landscape photographers and teachers in the UK and this made the evening quite a coup for Whitchurch Photographic Society. 

In front of a large and appreciative audience Charlie, with his easy manner and gentle humour, started with a series of monochromes which were important influences in the development of his love of photography.  Henri Cartier-Bresson’s image of Flora running up the steps on the Greek island of Sifnos is one which stands out. Why does the photograph work so well? Charlie was able to point out the importance of the myriad of right angles throughout the image including Flora’s elbow.

We were then presented with Charlie’s own images taken all around the world from Uruguay to China, from Libya to Morocco and not forgetting Wiltshire. His colour image of Uffington with its beautiful sunlit valley leading to a dark horizon beyond and a wonderful sky was just one of a series of beautifully crafted images.

Charlie offered much advice throughout this wonderfully entertaining evening not least the importance of using a ladder!  Oh, if it was only that easy.

Thanks must go to the Committee for their boldness in booking Charlie Waite all those months ago. Thanks also to Keith in particular for actively pushing the ticket sales and the impressive raffle on the night. Our own images on display in the gallery all added to a very successful and enjoyable evening.​


Patrick Miles


Bryan Goode(non-registered)
I was a guest at your "Evening with Charlie Waite"and being a very novice (a snapper in fact), taker of photographs, I wondered what I could gain from his talk. I found that I was intregued,not by his magnificent photographs but by his use of time and attention to the detail of layout and the use of light.
I love to paint pictures and in doing so I can use the view or my imagination and correct mistake at will but he tries to compose,edit and produce the finished photograph in the camera at the time of view and the results show he is a Master of the Art. I came away with the belief that I too could gain by giving "time" to my future endeavours both with a camera and with painting. Thanks for an enjoyable and informative evening.
Keith Roberts(non-registered)
Great report from Patrick on our evening with Charlie Waite, what an inspiring speaker Charlie is. He has also generously donated one of his print (see auction details on this website), what a really nice man. Wonderful night for everyone who attended on 15th September.
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