Results 2012-2013 

Winners of the accumualted points from the :- October "open" competition, November "Set Subject" competition and January "New seasons Work" competition.

Monochrome Prints

1st Malcolm Lander 16pts
2nd Barbara Lander 15pts
3rd Chris Middleton 12pts

Colour Prints

1st Allan Heath 18pts
2nd Libby Middleton 15pts
3rd Malcolm Lander 14pts


1st Malcolm Lander 19pts
2nd Allan Heath 15pts
3rd Libby Middleton 14pts


Updated 17-04-2013

Image of the Year Competition

Monochrome Prints

1st Thoughtful by Malcolm Lander

2nd Tiger Lily by Barbara Lander

3rd Amble Port Light by Chris Middleton

Colour Prints

1st Brown Bear with Salmon by Chris Goody

2nd Lavender Fields by Peter Cooke

3rd Last of the Harvest by Libby Middleton


1st Brown Bear Chasing Fish by Chris Goody

2nd Devils Pulpit and Bible by Barbara Lander

3rd Speckled Wood Butterfly by Barbara Lander


Updated 07-04-2013

"It's a Knock out" competition results

1st "Forgotten" by Barbara Lander
2nd "Male Redstart on Gorse" by Allan Heath
3rd "I'm watching you"by "Barbara Lander
4th "3 Wheels on my Wagon" John Davies


Updated 27-02-2013

Results of the Portfolio 2012 - 2013

1st Geraldine Stephenson 113 points

2nd Barbara Lander 107 points

3rd Allan Heath 105 points

4th John Edge 104 points


Final Round of the Portfolio.

Geraldine Stephenson 40 points

Paul Hayward 37 points

Allan Heath 37 points

Barbara Lander 36 points

Malcolm Lander 35 points

Chris Goody 35 points

Peter Cooke 35 points

John edge 34 points

John Davies 34 points

Val Garrett 30 points

Patrick Miles 15 points


2nd Round of the Portfolio competition
Natural history and Protrait
One image in each section per member. Each image Scored out of 20 points.

Geraldine Stephenson 40 points

Barbara Lander 39 points

Chris Goody 34 points

Malcolm Lander 34 points

Val Garret 34 points

Allan Heath 33 points

Libby Middleton 32 points

Chris Middleton 31 points

John Edge 30 points

Peter Cooke 29 points

Patrick Miles 29 points

John Davis 27 points

Paul Hayward 17 points one entry only

Paul Hardern 00 points no entries


1st Round of the Portfolio competition
Landscape and Monochrome.
One image in each section per member. Each image Scored out of 20 points.

John Edge 40 points

Peter Cook 35 points

Allan Heath 35 points

Geraldine Stephenson 33 points

Patrick Miles 32 points

Chris Middleton 32 points

Barbara Lander 32 points

Libby Middleton 31 points

Paul Hardern 30 points

Chris Goody 29 points

Malcolm Lander 28 points

Paul Hayward 27 points

John Davis 26 points

Val Garret 24 points



Updated 27-02-2013

"Images to Music" Competition 26-02-2013

1st Mad about insects by Geraldine Stephenson 171points

2nd Frozen Earth by John Edge 167 points

3rd Visiting the Long Mynd by Barbara Lander 164points


With just three entries, this was a fun evening for the club members. The competition was judge by the members on the night.


Portfolio scores after 2 rounds

Geraldine Stephenson 73 points

Barbara Lander 71 points

John Edge 70 points

Allan Heath 68 points

Peter Cooke 64 points

Chris Middleton 63 points

Libby Middleton 63 points

Chris Goody 63 points

Malcolm Lander 62 points

Patrick Miles 61 points

Val Garret 58 points

John Davis 53 points

Paul Hayward 44 points one entry only in Rd 2

Paul Hardern 30 points no entries in Rd 2




22-01-2013 Club competition "New Seasons Work"

(Images taken since 1st January 2012)


Judge David McQuire

Monochrome Prints

1st Studying the world Barbara Lander

2nd Tiger Lily Barbara Lander

3rd Hoar Frost on the Sandstone Trail John Edge

4th Browsing Shropshire Hills Allan Heath

5th Down the Cathedral Roof Marian Goody


Colour Prints

1st Red Grouse Allan Heath

2nd Lily Libby Middleton

3rd Lavender Field  Peter Cooke

4th Charging Grizzly Chris Goody

5th Grace Malcolm Lander



1st Under the Pier Malcolm Lander

2nd Brown Bear with Salmon Chris Goody

2nd Jay Feeding on Acorns Allan Heath

3rd Portland Rocks Malcolm Lander

4th The Pod Geraldine Stephenson

5th The Skateboarder Howard Hilton




11/12/2012 Documentry Competition

1st Chris Middleton "Arboretum" 157 points

2nd Barb Lander "Getting to know a bank vole" 155 pts

3rd John Edge "Raf Shawbury" 151 pts

4th Allan Heath "Nan Ron" 149 pts


With just four entries, this was a fun evening. Entries were judged by the members and just 8 points separated all the entries.

Set Subject "This is Shropshire" competition

Monochrome :-
1st Solitary Tree Malcolm Lander
2nd Big Sky Over Long Mynd Malcolm Lander
3rd Journey's End Libby Middleton
4th Cloudy Water John Edge
5th Tunnel Vision at Grindley Brook John Davies

Colour :-
1st Long Mynd Ponies Allan Heath
2nd Frosty Morning John Edge
3rd Last of the Harvest Libby Middleton
4th The Weir at Ludlow Malcolm Lander
5th Let The Race Begin Libby Middleton

1st Dawn from the Portway Allan Heath
2nd Westerly view from the Stiperstones Richard Priestly
3rd Quantum Leap Malcolm Lander
4th Lonely Oak Libby Middleton
5th The Whitchurch Arm Geraldine Stephenson


Open Competition 09-10-2012

1st Mummy's Boy Chris Middleton
2nd Lakeland Rays Val Garrett
3rd Bracken Paul Hardern
4th Moored Up for the Night Chris Goody
5th = All In A Row Chris Middleton
5th = Boscombe Surf Malcolm Lander

1st Red Hat Malcolm Lander
2nd Last Straw Chris Middleton
3rd Fishing at Twighlight John Edge
4th Female Kestral with Prey Alan Heath
5th Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Libby Middleton

1st Old Garlic Libby Middleton
2nd Cobwebbed John Davies
3rd Nostalgic Royalty Chris Middleton
4th Under the Pier Malcolm Lander
5th Blythe Beach Huts Libby Middleton