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Chester Interclub 6th November 2012

From Howard Hilton.

Ian Oxley and I went to Chester Inter club competition, held in Chester Town Hall, and joined a substantial crowd. Sixteen Clubs had entered, but in the end it was only 15 as Halton failed to arrive.

We are pleased to report that the club did reasonably well, and that Malcolm's "Big Sky over the Long Mynd" survived to the 4th Round of the Mono Section.

In the Colour Section, two of our prints went out in the 1st Round, then the remaining two in the 2nd Round. The judge was a gentleman from Wigan Photographic Society, who was in our opinion unpredictable in his judgements and more intuitive than analytic. He was not helped by the fact that the titles of images were not always clearly and fully announced, and, as we know, they often point the judge towards salient points in an image. Thus, surprisingly, Alan Heath's "Female Kestrel with Prey on Rustic Rake (Wild Subject)" was not given its full title and went out in the 1st Round.

In the Mono section the judge said of my "Best of Breed" that he could see a fine looking dog with a beautiful coat and an equally fine Rolls Royce, but that he could not see what brought them together, at which the audience told him to consider the title.
Our recollection is that Libby's "Last of the Harvest" and Barbara's "Lavender Basket" went through to the 2nd Round, whereas John's "Frosty Morning" went out in the 1st Round with Alan's.

Of course, every judge satisfies some people and disappoints others. Crewe must have been pleased with one or two of theirs, and since Birkenhead were sitting near us we could hear that they had one or two disappointments, as maybe did Nantwich!