Whitchurch Photographic Society | Marchwiel 2013


Interclub competition against Marchwiel Photographic Society (at Marchwiel) 13th February 2013

As usual we were given a warm welcome by Marchwiel's members, the Chairman Norman Land welcomed us and said as always he was pleased to have this competition against WPS. Not only was the competition fun and a chance to see each others work, it was a good chance to catch up with members of the club.

The judge Mr Graham Blakewell from Wrexham camera club gave a thorough and interesting critic of each image.

The scores:-

Prints, Whitchurch 166 points, Marchwiel 167 points

PDI's Whitchurch 169 points Marchwiel 157 points


Total score Whitchurch 335 points Marchwiel 324 points
Well done WPS

Individual images scores.


Female Kestral with Prey by Allan Heath 20 points

F15 Eagle by Paul Hardern 18 points

Last of the Harvest by Libby Middleton 18 points

Red Grouse by Allan Heath 18 points

October Sunrise on Holy Island by Chris Middleton 17 points

Frost on the Sandstone Trail by John Edge 17 points

Kayleigh by Malcolm Lander 15 points

Lavender fields by Peter cooke 15 points

Ynys Lawd by John Edge 15 points

No Entry by Peter Cooke 13 points



Brown Bear with Salmon by Chris Goody 20 points

Under the Pier by Malcolm Lander 19 points

Nostalgic Royality by Chris Middleton 18 points

Devils Pulpit & Bible by Barbara Lander 17 point

Avocets Displaying by Allan Heath 17 points

Frosty Park by John Edge 17 points

Old Garlic by Libby Middleton 16 points

Dawn from the Porthway by Allan Heath 16 points 

Portland Rocks by Malcolm Lander 15 points

Lavender Basket by Barbara Lander 14 points