Whitchurch Photographic Society | Nantwich 2012


Whitchuch V Nantwich.  30th October 2012

A number of Nantwich Camera Club members made the trip to Whitchurch to support their entries in the ‘Battle’ against us.
The Judge for the evening, was Bill Preston, he evaluated each image with his great thoroughness gave detailed critique for each.
By the tea break, we had 2 top scoring prints "Frosty Morning" by John Edge and Female Kestrel with Prey Allan Heath both with 20 pts. Overall Nantwich had gained the lead from the Prints competition by scoring 176pts to our 158pts.
We made up some ground in the Projected Image section 161 to Nantwich’s 155. Once again we had the top scoring image with ‘Avocets Displaying’ by Allan Heath. However the overall scores were Nantwich 331, Whitchurch 319.

Well done to Nantwich. It was great to see their images and meet up with them again.

Our image scores


Female Kestrel with Prey Allan Heath 20
Frosty Morning John Edge 20
Lavender Basket Barbara Lander 19
Last of the Harvest Libby Middleton 16
Fishing at Twighlight John Edge 15
Release Barbara Lander 15
Portland Rocks Malcolm Lander 14
Red Hat Malcolm Lander 14
The Iron Bridge Paul Hayward 13
Angles, Bars and Handlebars Paul Hayward 12


Avocets Displaying Allan Heath 20
Cobwebbed John Davies 17
Old Garlic Libby Middleton 17
Under the Pier Malcolm Lander 17
Dawn from the Portway Allan Heath 16
Nostalgic Royalty Chris Middleton 16
Cormarant Preening Barbara Lander 16
White Boa Malcolm Lander 15
Grizzly Bear with Salmon Chris Goody 15
The Devonshire in Shropshire Chris Middleton 12