Whitchurch Photographic Society | Club Merit Open Oct 2014

October 2014 Club Open Competition Results


Colour Prints


1st Classical Pose - Paul Hayward

2nd Corn Bunting - Allan Heath

3rd Stormy Skies - Patrick Miles

4th Mid-Air Ambush - Chris Middleton

5th Elusive Scottish Wild Cat - Val Garrett

5th F16 With Flare - Paul Hardern


Monochrome Prints


1st Buttress Gibbs Fjord - Chris Goody

2nd Paw Prints in the Snow - Geraldine Stephenson

3rd F15 Heading for Home - Paul Hardern

4th The Flight of Brünnich Guillemots - Chris Goody

5th Running Out of Steam - Allan Heath

5th Jennifer Hutt - Allan Heath





1st The Ploughing Match - Keith Roberts

2nd Horse Power - Keith Roberts

3rd F15 Pulls Up Out of Low Level - Paul Hardern

4th Catch It - Val Garrett

5th Fishing Gannett - Val Garrett

6th Play Time - John Davies