WPS Competition Summary & Rules


Club competitions 2019-20 season


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Competition Summary (in last submission date order)

  Type Colour Prints Mono Prints PDIs Topic Date See Rule Competition Date Last Hand-in Date


Formal 2 2 2 Open Year1 2a 08-10-2019 01-10-2019
Captured in Camera Informal Nil Nil 2 Open Any 2f 12-11-2019 01-10-2019
This Years' Work Formal 2 2 2 Open Year2 2d 19-11-2019 12-11-2019
Set Subject Formal 2 2 2 'Movement' Any 2b 10-12-2019 03-12-2019
Panel Informal 2 panels of 3 or more colour or mono prints  Nil Open Any 2j 14-01-2020 14-01-2020
AV Informal Up to 2 mono or colour AV's in the “Documentary” category, and up to 2 mono or colour AVs  in the “Pictures to music” category Open Any 2i 04-02-2020 04-02-2020
It's a K.O. (Prints) Informal 2 prints, colour or mono Nil Open Any 2g 18-02-2020 18-02-2020
Part 1
Formal 1 colour or 1 mono per category (unless specified in the category title) Nil




Year2 2c 25-02-2020 18-02-2020
It's a K.O.
Informal Nil Nil 2 Open Any 2h 17-03-2020 15-03-20204

Part 2

Formal 1 colour or 1 mono per category (unless specified in the category title) Nil




Year2 2c 31-03-2020 24-03-2020
Image of the Year Formal 2 2 2 Open Any 2e 14-04-2020 07-04-2020

Note 1 - “Date” means the date of creation of the original image.

Note 2 - “Year” means within the year (365 days) preceding the competition date.

Note 3 - This is the date when PhotoEntrycloses. Entries will be acceptedon the night, but use of PhotoEntry is preferred.

Note 4 - This is the date when PhotoEntry closes. Entries will not be accepted on the night.


Competition dates and portfolio categories will be announced at the beginning of the club year with the programme. They are subject to change if necessary.

PDI sizing

This is defined in the rules, but if a picture tells a thousand words, here they are graphically.

Either dimension can be less then the specified maximum, so to get the best quality projection you should resize your images to have one dimension the maximum size, and the other equal to or less than maximum size.

If you submit images less than this, the projected quality will decrease. If you submit images larger than this, the DiCentra software will scale them down as the projector cannot exceed these dimensions, and whilst Dicentra does seem to do a good job of this, some distortion or cropping might occur as a result.