Image of the Year (16/04/2019)

A great selection of images at the final competition of the season. Good judging by Jon Baker, with plenty of constructive comments.

Colour Prints

Title Photographer Score Position
In Sarah's Room Paul Hayward 20 1
Short Eared Owl Allan Heath 19 2
Swans Taking off from the Snow and Ice Chris Goody 18 3
Golden Goddess Paul Hayward 17 HC
Where's Mum? Peter Starkey 17 HC
Abbey Window Peter Cook 17 HC
The Gate Dave Munn 17 HC
Graylag Bathing Allan Heath 17 HC
Watching, Waiting Stuart Ord 17 HC
Bear with Fish and Wolf Chris Goody 16 C
The Unknown Bureaucrat, Rekyavik Penny Cartwright 16 C
Flying by Wire Richard Foyn 15  
All Gone Home Ruth Elner 15  
Gannet Peter Starkey 15  
Bluebells Patrick Miles 15  
Three Frogs Sandy Robertson 15  
Pont Vend Cave Josh Sedgley 15  
Red Boat John Edge 15  
Soho Street Girl Marc Brimble 15  
Hard Day's Knights Martyn Daniel 15  
Red Tulips (abstract) Sandy Robertson 15  
Angel at Sunset Martyn Daniel 15  
Evening Light, Luarca Harbour Stuart Ord 15  
Puffin on Inner Farne Patrick Miles 14  
Harbour Homes Josh Sedgley 14  
Now Where did I Hide those Nuts? Ruth Elner 14  
Waiting for the Bus Julia Finch 14  
Sparrow in the Reeds Marc Brimble 14  
Starling Murmuration Val Garrett 14  
Waiting for Spring Julia Finch 14  
Going Home Dave Munn 14  
Dragon Tree John Edge 14  
Quiet Day at Market David Powell 14  
Canal Sandstone Cutting David Powell 13  
Cormorant Tree Val Garrett 13  
Sun & Ice where Continents Meet Penny Cartwright 13  



Mono Prints

Title Photographer Score Position
Touching Paul Hayward 20 1
Plant Explosion Ruth Elner 19 2
Polperro Fishing Village Dave Munn 18 3
I Still Only Have Eyes for You Sandy Robertson 17 HC
Forgotten Family John Edge 17 HC
Dark Side of the Moon Patrick Miles 17 HC
Still Working Val Garrett 16 C
Misty Morning Pines Marc Brimble 16 C
Abandoned Allan Heath 15  
Rising from the Ashes Paul Hayward 15  
Goshawk Portrait Allan Heath 15  
The Windmill Peter Starkey 15  
Glass and Tumbler Still Life Marc Brimble 15  
Chipmunk Chris Goody 15  
New Brighton Lighthouse Stuart Ord 15  
Parrot Josh Sedgley 15  
Faded Rose John Edge 15  
Dog Tired Martyn Daniel 15  
Barcelona Street Scene Penny Cartwright 15  
Misty Morning Peter Starkey 14  
In Memoriam - Tyne Cot David Powell 14  
Wheelie Circles Stuart Ord 14  
Friendship Dave Munn 14  
A Glacier Descending from Baffin Chris Goody 14  
Turfe Sheep Josh Sedgley 14  
Boat Shed, Lindisfarne Sandy Robertson 14  
Dunstanburgh Castle Patrick Miles 14  
Meet me for Lunch Ruth Elner 13  




Title Photographer Score Position
Pair of Red-Crowned Cranes Whitchurch Photographic Society: 1 &emdash; Chris Goody 20 1
A Cold Ride Home Whitchurch Photographic Society: 2 &emdash; Patrick Miles 19 2
Mandarin and Reflection Whitchurch Photographic Society: 3 &emdash; Marc Brimble 18 3
Barn Owl in Flight Allan Heath 17 HC
Cuevos del Drach Josh Sedgley 17 HC
Creepy!! Julia Finch 17 HC
Ornamental Paul Hayward 17 HC
Just Taking Off Val Garrett 17 HC
Great White Egret in Flight Allan Heath 16 C
Wolf on the Prowl Chris Goody 16 C
Quarelling Seagulls John Edge 16 C
Airborne Martyn Daniel 16 C
Stonecraft 'Lovers' Dave Munn 15  
Kites 'Waiting to Feed' Dave Munn 15  
King of the Rut Gary Holmes 15  
Fall Together - Lay Together Gary Holmes 15  
Nearly There Graham Sedgley 15  
St Mark's, Venice Marc Brimble 15  
Oxford in Winter Patrick Miles 15  
Dancing Vettriano Style Paul Hayward 15  
Street Performer - Rouen Penny Cartwight 15  
Taking a Break Peter Starkey 15  
Small Cottage Garden Sandy Robertson 15  
Lunch Stuart Ord 15  
Eye Eye Stuart Ord 15  
Warhol of the North Martyn Daniel 14  
Full Steam Ahead Peter Starkey 14  
Aggression David Powell 13  
Bird of Prey David Powell 13  
Mallorcan Mountains Graham Sedgley 13  
Wild Water John Edge 13  
Palm, 720nm Infrared Josh Sedgley 13  
Smell the Perfume Julia Finch 13  
A nice Tour in Nice Penny Cartwight 13  
Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters Ruth Elner 13  
Purton Hulks Ruth Elner 13  
Dutch Windmil Sandy Robertson 13