Competition: Open competition  
Date: 09/10/2018    
Judge: Claire Carter PRINTS (COLOUR)
Title Author Score Position
Greylag bathing Allan Heath 20 1st
The gateway to the Great Ridge Dave Munn 19 2nd
Tiny cottage garden Sandy Robertson 18 3rd
Sunset on Loch Linnhe Peter Cooke 17 HC
Mating oystercatchers Allan Heath 17 HC
Scottish harebell Marc Brimble 17 HC
First and second Martyn Daniel 17 HC
A high ridge walk Patrick Miles 17 HC
A sunset stroll   16  
Loon family   16  
The unknown bureacrat, Reykyaviic   16  
NYE   16  
Black lined skimmer   16  
Barn owl with prey   16  
Juggler   16  
Doorway of oranges   16  
Wolf on the prowl   16  
Dysfunction   16  
Why padlock the gate?   15  
Mirror, mirror   15  
Callanish standing stones   14  
Sunset on the salt flats   14  
Following mum   14  
Relaxing on the prom   14  
Waiting for the ferry   14  
Full steam ahead   14  
Red boat   14  
Colours of the church   14  
On ice   14  
Llandeyrug headland   13  
Old windmill   13  
Amlwch harbour   13  
Cats at home   13  
Competition: Open competition    
Date: 09/10/2018    
Judge: Claire Carter PRINTS (MONO)
Title Author Score Position
Boat shed, Lindisfarne Sandy Robertson 20 1st
Goshawk portrait Allan Heath 19 2nd
The sax player Dave Munn 18 3rd
Amien cathedral Peter Cooke 17 HC
Touching Paul Hayward 17 HC
Eye of the dragon John Edge 17 HC
Miya Josh Sedgley 17 HC
No entry   16  
Classic beauty   16  
Opposites   16  
Dancing to the rhythm of Venice   16  
National memorial arboretum   15  
Water droplets on rose   15  
Wild wolf   15  
Long eared owl close up   15  
Men of steam   14  
Merchants in Venice   14  
Deer   14  
New Brighton lighthouse   14  
Barcelona street scene   14  
The old stable yard   14  
Great northers driver   14  
Kingsgate bridge by Ove Arup, 1963   14  
Leticia Barbarelle   13  
Yesteryear steam rally 2018   13  
A sign   13  
Competition: Open competition
Date: 09/10/2018  
Judge: Claire Carter PDIs
Sisters 20 Paul Hayward
Barn Owl inFlight 19 Allan Heath
Its my fish 18 Chris Goody
Entrance to Druids 17 Martyn Daniel
The Melon Slices 17 Paul Hayward
Peaky blinders female 17 Sandy Robertson
Its Me or the Bike 17 Gary Holmes
The Cabbage White 17 Dave Munn
Power 17 Stuart Ord
European Bee-eater in Flight 17 Allan Heath
Rednecked Grebe and chicks 16 Chris Goody
Jet Ski at Bolesworth 16 Martyn Daniel
Peek-a-boo, little owl 16 Stuart Ord
Parking in Seville 16 Penny Cartwright
OIL ON WATER 16 Richard Preistley
A View From Above 16 Gary Holmes
Erythronium 'White Beauty' 15 Marian Goody
MAWDDACH VIADUCT 15 Richard Preistley
Roof Tops 15 Peter Starkey
Desolate 15 Paul Nash
Autumn Tints... 15 John Edge
Mere cat with attitude 15 Sandy Robertson
Rainbow Flying High 15 Marc Brimble
Broad Haven Cave 15 Josh Sedgley
High over Malpas 14 Patrick Miles
Duck Family 14 David Powell
Betws-y-Coed 14 Graham Sedgley
Street scene - Liverpool 14 Penny Cartwright
Fisherman's Hut 14 Graham Sedgley
Twilight 14 John Edge
Once there were fishermen 14 Paul Nash
Into the sea 14 Patrick Miles
Low Tide at Roscolyn Bay 14 Dave Munn
One Jump Ahead 13 Peter Starkey
The Beach Holiday starts at the Airport 13 Marc Brimble
Tyrley Lock 13 David Powell
Wild Garlic Forest 13 Josh Sedgley