Competition: This year's work    
Date: 09/10/2018 PRINTS (COLOUR)
Judge: Andy Polakowski    
Title Author Score Place
Reclining goddess Paul Hayward 20 1
Ornamental Paul Hayward 19 2
Quarrelling seagulls John Edge 19 2
Ropes and corks Sandy Robertson 18 3
Mating oystercatchers Allan Heath 18 3
Bluebells Patrick Miles 18 3
Great Northern Diver family Chris Goody 17 HC
On parade Stuart Ord 17 HC
Silver studded blue Dave Munn 17 HC
Meerkat with attitude Sandy Robertson 17 HC
Gateway to the Great Ridge Dave Munn 17 HC
Roman reflections Val Garrett 16  
Puffin on Inner Farne Patrick Miles 16  
On ice Stuart Ord 16  
Narrow boat park Peter Brown 16  
Sparking interest Josh Sedgley 16  
Great white egret in flight Allan Heath 16  
Black bear, spring cub Chris Goody 16  
Karnak's temple Martyn Daniel 15  
Autumn lane David Powell 15  
Paddle boaters navigate Welsh bridge Peter Starkey 15  
Odd one out Martyn Daniel 15  
Incandescence Josh Sedgley 15  
Pirate recruits Val Garrett 15  
Perch beach John Edge 15  
The old and the new - Gloucester Cathedral Richard Priestley 14  
Amlwch harbour Fred Couper 14  
Reflecting gull David Powell 14  
Lifeboat station Peter Starkey 14  
A solar rose Peter Brown 14  
Cloisters roof - Gloucester Cathedral Richard Priestley 14  
Hallowe'en at Gwrych church Fred Couper 13  
Competition: This year's work    
Date: 09/10/2018    
Judge: Andy Polakowski PRINTS (MONO)
Title Author Score Place
Meditate Paul Hayward 20 1
Modelled in clay Paul Hayward 19 2
Locked out Josh Sedgley 18 J3
Dark horse Josh Sedgley 18 J3
Deep in thought Sandy Robertson 17 HC
The border collie Dave Munn 17 HC
Liverpool Val Garrett 17 HC
The lookout Stuart Ord 17 HC
Abandoned Allan Heath 17 HC
Long lost family John Edge 17 HC
Dustanburgh castle Patrick Miles 16  
The sackler steps of the V&A Patrick Miles 16  
Cascading beauty Stuart Ord 16  
Great northern diver Chris Goody 16  
The meeting place Dave Munn 16  
Ferry across the Mersey John Edge 16  
The stables Peter Starkey 16  
Classic beauty Allan Heath 16  
Chipmunk Chris Goody 15  
Dog tired Martyn Daniel 15  
Enjoying the Frida Kahlo exhibition, Milan Richard Priestley 15  
The windmill Peter Starkey 15  
The audience Val Garrett 15  
Ready Freddie? Martyn Daniel 15  
Snow drops Attingham Peter Brown 15  
Remembering bygone days Sandy Robertson 14  
Ruby looking pensive Richard Priestley 14  


Competition: This year's work    
Date: 09/10/2018    
Judge: Andy Polakowski    
Title Author Score Place
Windermere John Edge  20 1
Pipit Marc Brimble  19 J2
The Final Chord Allan Heath  19 J2
Beautiful Demoiselle Allan Heath  19 J2
Carla in Blue and White Paul Hayward  19 J2
Argentinian Ornate horn frog Sandy Robertson  18 J3
Steam punk Stuart Ord  18 J3
Yellow-headed Blackbird Chris Goody  18 J3
Indian Eagle Owl Dave Munn  17 HC
Harvester mouse peeking thro' flowers Sandy Robertson  17 HC
Blue Jay Chris Goody  17 HC
Saltburn Pier Josh Sedgley  17 HC
Just taking off. Val Garrett  16  
Fiery anticipation Patrick Miles  16  
Loch Ard Josh Sedgley  16  
Playing Jazz Marc Brimble  16  
On the Steps Paul Hayward  16  
Gleison Tulio Martyn Daniel  16  
Crossing the red line Ruth Elner  16  
Roof Tops Peter Starkey  16  
Watching the March Martyn Daniel  15  
Watching, waiting Stuart Ord  15  
Cormarants Peter Brown  15  
Sunset over the Mawddach Estuary Dave Munn  15  
Waiting for the next tide. Julia Finch  15  
The Weir at Bath. Val Garrett  15  
hot summer. John Edge  15  
Are you ready yet. Julia Finch  14  
SULKY MERMAID NEC Richard Preistley  14  
Balancing stones Patrick Miles  14  
Hills of Wales Peter Brown  14  
Bridge 61 David Powell  14  
Bird of Prey David Powell  13  
Watching the fireworks Ruth Elner  13  
Suburban Sunset Peter Starkey  13