Open Club Competition Held on 6th October 2020 -  Judge: Claire Carter

1. Waiting for Dinner - Lynda Holland

DSC_8398 CHEATA FAMILYWaiting for Dinner

2. 14 Minutes and 59 Seconds - Martyn Daniel

14 minutes and 59 seconds14 minutes and 59 seconds

3. Bleeding Heart Vine - Marian Goody

1. Family Bath Time - Lynda Holland


2. Whitby Abbey - Richard Priestley

3. Busker Chester Style - Richard Priestley

Colour PDI's         Mono PDI's      
Club Member Title Marks  Position   Club Member Title Marks  Position
Lynda Holland  WAITING FOR DINNER 20  First   Lynda Holland  FAMILY BATH TIME 20  First
Martyn Daniel  14 Minutes and 59 Seconds 19  Second   Richard Preistley  WHITBY ABBEY 19  Second
Marian Goody  Bleeding heart vine 18  Third   Richard Preistley  BUSKER CHESTER STYLE 18  Third
Paul Hayward  Maria 17  HC   Paul Hayward  Isolation 17  HC
Lynda Holland  PELICANS LAKE AMBOSELI 17  HC   Marc Brimble  Through the Dunes 17  HC
Marc Brimble  The Flautist 17  HC   Sandy Robertson  Victorian Printer 17  HC
Patrick Miles  Hockney in Chester 16     Paul Hayward  The Dream 17  HC
Sandy Robertson  Bare Throated Tiger Heron drying it's wings 16     Martyn Daniel  Thoughtful 16  
Josh Sedgley  The Lake at the Quarry 16     Mandy Coyne  3 Bottles 16  
Ruth Elner  Beauty in Decay 16     Sandy Robertson  Eagle 16  
Mandy Coyne  Airbus A400M and Red Arrows Flypast - Fairford 16     Marc Brimble  On a Mission 16  
Patrick Miles  No entry 16     Ruth Elner  One Man and His Dog 16  
Paul Hayward  The Ladies at 30B 16     Martyn Daniel  Who You Looking At 16  
Martyn Daniel  Time To Reflect 16     Josh Sedgley  Fort Torgis 16  
Richard Preistley  CRAYONS AND WATER 15     Lynda Holland  BOLSOVER CASTLE STAIRCASE 15  
Marc Brimble  Bluebells 15     Patrick Miles  Brian 15  
Val Garrett  Great spotted woodpecker feeding young 15     Marian Goody  Allium 15  
Sandy Robertson  Mare and foal in morning light 15     David Powell  Contemplation 15  
David Powell  Duck Taking Off 14     Josh Sedgley  Caerfai Beach 15  
Marian Goody  After a shower 14     Brian Holland  Corner Store 15  
Val Garrett  Early morning 14     Patrick Miles  Two cathedrals 15  
Brian Holland  Dunstanburgh 14     Mandy Coyne  Forks in a Glass 15  
Les Jones  Bluebell 14     Marian Goody  Erythronium 15  
Mandy Coyne  A Summers Day at Moreton Corebett 14     Brian Holland  Coffee Break 14  
Brian Holland  The Cafe 14     Ruth Elner  A Quiet Tear 14  
David Powell  Narrowboat on Canal 14     Les Jones  Get the polish out Mabel! 14  
Les Jones  Mine and I'm not letting go! 14     Les Jones  Subway 14  
Richard Preistley  STOKESAY CASTLE 14     David Powell  Taking the Sun 14  
Ruth Elner  S'Archittu 14