Oswestry v Wrexham v Whitchurch (@Oswestry, 20/02/2019)

A very close competition, with an extremely high standard of images presented by all three clubs. The standard of the judging was commented on by all three clubs, with lots of excellent feedback given.

Overall Scores

Entrant Position Points
Whitchurch Photographic Society =1st 318
Wrexham Photographic Society =1st 318
Oswestry Photographic Society 3rd 316

WPS Scores

Title Points
Nude with chair and bed 20
Pair of Red-crowned Cranes 20
Snowfall 19
Warhol of the North 19
Beautiful Demoiselle 18
Golden Goddess 17
Swans taking off from Snow and Ice 16
Ring tailed lemur 15
Argentinian Ornate horn frog 15
Peaky blinders female 15
Pipit 15
It's my fish 15
Top shelf    15
European Roller Display Flight 15
Boat shed Lindisfarne 14
Monochrome padlock 14
Windermere 14
Sunrise over the Great Ridge 14
A step up 14
Meditation 14