The first competition of the 2019-20 season took place on October 8th, judged by Tony Broom. Despite the large number of entries, Tony managed to give a constructive critique of each image in the time that he had, with some very worthy winners.


Colour Prints

Title Photographer Position Score
Songbird Dave Munn 1st 20

Paul Hayward By the Old Gramophone 2nd 19
30s Style Marc Brimble 3rd 18
Wave Height Mike Gibbens    18
Wild Water Action Man John Edge   17
Floodlit Action Mike Gibbens   17
Arctic Tern Patrick Miles   16
Bridge 32 Josh Sedgley   16
Swallowtail on Teasel Marc Brimble   15
Heavy skies, Overton Ruth Elner   15
Red Arrows Fly Past Julia Finch   15
Red Squirrel Jumping Chris Goody   15
The Locked Door Paul Hayward   15
Whittington Castle Brian Holland   15
Poppy Cown Lynda Holland   15
Biker Babe Gary Holmes   15
Craster Harbour Patrick Miles   15
Llyn Idwal from the Devils Kitchen Dave Munn   15
Gargoyle Gecko Sandy Robertson   15



Mono Prints

Title Author Position Score
Three Sheep Josh Sedgley 1st 20
Gripping Moment Mike Gibbens 2nd 19
Roll on Summer Patrick Miles 3rd 18
Pen yr Ole Wen overlooking Llyn Idwa Dave Munn 3rd 18
Night Prowler John Edge   17
Castle in a Storm Gary Holmes   17
Picking Flowers Mike Gibbens   16
The Glorious Revolution Paul Hayward   16
The English Bridge Dave Munn   16
Stripes Marc Brimble   15
Moon Martyn Daniel   15
BBC Paul Hayward   15
Waiting to be Demolished Lynda Holland   15
Thoughtful Chimp Patrick Miles   15
A Wry Smile Sandy Robertson   15




Title Author Position Score
Evil Under the Sun Marc Brimble 1st 20
Red Squirrel feeding Chris Goody 2nd 19
Sisters of the Zodiac Paul Hayward 2nd 19
Poppies Dave Munn 3rd 18
Lubber Hoppe Sandy Robertson 3rd 18
White-tailed Eagle Chris Goody   17
Lighting Up Richard Hamilton-Foyn   17
Derwent Water Brian Holland   17
The Miller Marc Brimble   16
Lemons- Still Life Ruth Elner   16
Gannet Stuffing Brian Holland   16
Shifaka in Shaft of Light Sandy Robertson   16
Do you want to Race, Sister? David Edwards   15
In Sight of the Line Mike Gibbens   15
Stranger on the Shore Paul Hayward   15
Mount Ararat and Khor Virap Monastery Richard Preistley   15
The Ploughing Match Keith Roberts   15