Marc Brimble was the judge for the August Photo Challenge, 'SHOOT LIKE A PRO!'

Title Author Score Position

Sudek- Untitled (Sea Shell Still Life)


Ruth Elner

20 1st

The Fork - Andre Kertesz


Ruth Elner

19 2nd

Josef Sudek Egg 1960

Patrick Miles 18 3rd

Josef Sudek - Still Life Onion

Peter Brown 18 3rd

Poached Eggs And Salts Irving Penn

Sandy Robertson 17  

After Robert Mapplethorpe - Self Portrait 1988

Penny Cartwright 17  

Fruit Bowl

Paul Nash 17  

Tom Baril - Daisy

Peter Brown 16  

Josef Suden- Still Life With Shell

Mandy Coyne 16  


Julia Finch


Robert Mapplethorpe Flower 1984

Nadine Rutter 15  

After Josef Sudek - Still Lifes

Penny Cartwright



Paul Nash 14  

Savoy Cabbage (blue Hue) Edward Weston

Sandy Robertson 14  


Julia Finch 14  
Weston Cabbage Leaf 1931
Patrick Miles 14  

Poetics Of Light

Paul Bolton 14