Stuart Ord was the judge for our first competition held via 'Zoom'. The theme was 'Life in Miniature'.

Title Author Score Position

When I'm Cleaning Windows

Patrick Miles


20 1st

After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow

Patrick Miles

19 2nd


Ruth Elner 18 3rd

My Garage In A Bubble

Peter Brown 17 HC


Marian Goody 17  

Pin Heads

Ruth Elner 17  

Vintage Elegance

Marc Brimble 17  


Marc Brimble 16  

Lady Crinoline

Nadine Rutter 16  

Lens Cleaning In Progress

Penny Cartwright 16  

If She Blows That, I'm Off!

Ruth Elner 16  

Little Urchins

Paul Bolton 16  

Garden The Puppies Eye

Peter Brown 15  

Bees View

Nadine Rutter 15  

Dragonfly At Rest

David Powell 14  
Looking For Dinner
David Powell 14