The final competition of 2019 was a 'set subject' competition, with the theme of 'Movement'.

Prints (Colour)

Title Author Score Position
Sunset Surfer Mike Gibbens 20 1st
Enjoying the ride Marc Brimble 19 2nd
Fishing Osprey Val Garrett 18 3rd
White-tailed Eagle Chris Goody 17 HC
Rough Ride Brian Holland 17 HC
Floating Past Brian Holland 17 HC
Venetian Motorways Marc Brimble 16  
Light Rider John Edge 16  
Red Arrows on Manouevers Julia Finch 16  
Goal Defence Mike Gibbens 16  
Flying in the Eye of the Storm Chris Goody 16  
The Incoming Tide Patrick Miles 16  
Flying in all Directions Val Garrett 15  
Divebombing Arctic Tern Patrick Miles 15  
The Catch Dave Munn 15  
Going With The Flow David Powell 15  
Up, Up and Away John Edge 14  
Tongue of The Dog Water Sculpture ICME Lynda Holland 14  
Neck and Neck ICM Lynda Holland 14  
Greylags in Flight Dave Munn 14  
Red Arrows Fly Past Julia Finch 13  


Prints (Mono)

Title Author Score Position
Museum Ghosts Marc Brimble 20 1st
Starling Flypast Patrick Miles 19 2nd
Above the Waves Mike Gibbens 18 3rd
Shaking Chris Goody 18 3rd
The River Dane At The Three Shires Head Dave Munn 17 HC
Poetry in Motion Marc Brimble 17 HC
Herring Gull Dave Munn 16  
On the Gallops Mike Gibbens 16  
Sea Lion John Edge 16  
On the Edge of the Sea Chris Goody 15  
Whispering trees John Edge 15  
Cooling Off Brian Holland 15  
Thurne Windmill ICME Lynda Holland 14  
Out in Front ICM Lynda Holland 14  
Gone Past Brian Holland 14  



Title Author Score Position
Keep on Running Patrick Miles 20 1st
Going with the Flow Mike Gibbens 19 2nd
On the Wing Ruth Elner 18 3rd
Crashing Waves Abstract Marc Brimble 17 HC
Funfair Ruth Elner 17 HC
Captured Prey Mike Gibbens 17 HC
Crash Landing John Edge 16  
First Swim in the Sea Chris Goody 16  
Isla Lynda Holland 16  
Murmuration Patrick Miles 16  
Kingfisher with Prey Dave Munn 16  
Graceful David Powell 16  
Gwaun Falls Josh Sedgley 16  
Welsh Mountain Stream Josh Sedgley 16  
Flat Out John Edge 15  
Northumbrian Dolphin Pod Val Garrett 15  
Blue Tai Chi Brian Holland 15  
The Female Chaffinch Dave Munn 15  
Autumn Leaves Marc Brimble 14  
Budapest Tram Penny Cartwright 14  
School Crossing Penny Cartwright 14  
Feed Me Chris Goody 14  
Waterfall Brian Holland 14  
Take Off David Powell 14