The 2019-20 'This Year's Work' competition was held on November 19th, 2019, and judged by Andy Polakowski.


Colour Prints

Title Photographer Position Score
Storks Mating Marc Brimble 1st 20
Gathering Storm Val Garrett 2nd 19
Squirrel jumping Chris Goody 2nd 19
Amazon Milk Frog Sandy Robertson 2nd 19
Lady in Red Dave Munn 3rd 18
Barn Owl Allan Heath 3rd 18
Bikes and Trikes Marc Brimble HC 17
On the Hunt Mike Gibbens HC 17
Ross Fountain, Edinburgh Patrick Miles HC 17
Autumn Canal Lynda Holland HC 17
Tropical Milkweed Butterfly Sandy Robertson HC 17
Green Bottlefly Patrick Miles HC 17
A Grip on the Board Mike Gibbens HC 17
Hoverfly John Edge HC 17
Classic Vintage Ruth Elner   16
Pompeii Lizard Brian Holland   16
Bewicks Swans in Flight Allan Heath   16
Trumpet Attraction Les Jones   16
Tawny Owl David Powell   15
One Careful Owner Ruth Elner   15
Durdle Door at Sunrise Dave Munn   15
Fishing Success Val Garrett   15
Caserta Ceiling Brian Holland   15
Wall Art and Window John Edge   15



Mono Prints

Title Photographer Position Score
Landing Soon Mike Gibbens 1st 20
Morris Man Brian Holland 2nd 19
The Roll Uo Brian Holland 3rd 18
Out of Reach Mike Gibbens 3rd 18
How Cute is that! Marc Brimble HC 17
Conwy Castle and Bridge Lynda Holland   17
Blowing off Steam John Edge   17
Double Take Ruth Elner   16
Rose John Edge   16
Taking a break Peter Starkey   16
Lindisfarne lantern Patrick Miles   16
Waiting for the Tide Peter Starkey   15
Wheels Ruth Elner   15
Impressionistic Magnolia Lynda Holland   15
Big Brother is Watching You Sandy Robertson   15
Sea Defence  - New Brighton Beach Dave Munn   15
Are These Nuts? David Powell   15




Title Photographer Position Score
Purple Heron in Flight Allan Heath 1st 20
Agony Post Ice Bath Sandy Robertson 2nd 19
Lamp Light MikeGibbens 3rd 18
Painted Lady Dave Munn 3rd 18
Goldcrest Singing Allan Heath HC 17
Naples Storm from Vicco Brian Holland HC 17
Shropshire Hills Dave Munn HC 17
Arctic Skua Val Garrett   16
Wall Flower! Les Jones   16
Owl in Flight David Powell   16
Autumn Walk at Cholmondley Patrick Miles   16
Oxford Blue and Red Patrick Miles   16
Sunset over the Negresco Hotel Penny Cartwright   15
Honfleur in the Rain Penny Cartwright   15
Flam Valley Val Garrett   15
Smoke Filled Room Mike Gibbens   15
Thurne Windmill Brian Holland   15
Busy Working Lynda Holland   15
Halloween Queen Sandy Robertson   15
Let Me Out Peter Starkey   15