Brian Law was our judge for the first part of the 'Portfolio' competition, and offered much praise and constructive criticism to the entries.


Title Author Score Position
A Fishing Boat Winch Dave Munn 20 1st
Sifaca in Shaft of Light Sandy Robertson 20 2nd
The Lioness Linda Holland 19 3rd
Gentle Hands Paul Hayward 18  
Castlerigg Stone Circle Patrick Miles 18  
Horse, Cart and Man with Shovel Marc Brimble 17  
Joe Ruth Elner 17  
The Last Mooring Mike Gibbens 17  
Shipwreck, The Skerries John Edge 15  
Zebra Brian Holland 15  
Vintage Display Richard Priestley 14  



Title Author Score Position
Oxford Biochemistry Patrick Miles 20 1st
Vortex Sandy Robertson 19 2nd
Cobbles Ruth Elner 17 3rd
Up and Down Mike Gibbens 17 3rd
Abstract Blue and Lemon Linda Holland 17 3rd
Donald Gordon Theatre Marc Brimble 16  
Whirlpool Josh Sedgley 16  
Light Painting Abstract Richard Priestley 15  
Dragon Tree John Edge 14  
Skyfall Dave Munn 14  
Paul Hayward Abstraction 13  



Title Author Score Position
The Jetty Marc Brimble 20 1st
A Fork in Water Mike Gibbens 19 2nd
A Girl in the Doorway Paul Hayward 19 2nd
Twilight, Tarmore Bay John Edge 18 3rd
Corkscrew Maneouvre Julia Finch 17  
Vanishing Dreams Patrick Miles 17  
Nuts About Triptych Dave Munn 17  
Eye, Eye, Eye Sandy Robertson 17  
The Band Ruth Elner 16  
Street Dancers Brian Holland 16