Pictures for competitions

Since 2019 images must be uploaded to PhotoEntry CLICK HERE for more information.

In exceptional circumstances, images may be accepted by the competition secretary on a memory stick, before the competition closing date.



Pictures for your own gallery on this site

You can do this yourself directly once your gallery is set up. If you don't have a gallery, then email [email protected] asking for one. The IT secretary will do this and Zenfolio (the system which we use to design and maintain our web site) will send you an email to let you activate your account. You can follow the following instructions, or look at a pdf instruction document which has illustrations in it which are too big to go on this page. You can get this document from the "Members Area / Uploading to your gallery" drop-down on the web site.


Instructions after receiving the email

1. Click on the link in the email to access Zenfolio.

2. Type a password of your choice in the two password boxes and then click "Activate account".

3. Select your gallery - if you look down the column on the left you will find your name and an orange icon. You can only upload to your own gallery! Click on this icon.

4. You should now see a screen with your name shown. Click on the "Upload photos & Video button."and then on the "Add Photos or Videos" link near the top below your name. Then select as many images from your computer using the selection dialogue box.

5. Once you have done this, click the "Start Upload" button and wait. Do not close the browser screen until the upload is finished. You can open and use another browser tab if you like, but if you close the uplod one then the upload will fail.

6. Admire your gallery, and tell your family and friends about it!


To upload further photos in future -

  1. Go to and log in using your user name and password
  2. Click on your name in the gallery list on the left. You will see all your current photos tht are on the site.
  3. Click "Upload"
  4. It should then say "Upload to (your name)". Click "Upload". Either drag files onto the Zenfolio screen (from Windows Explorer or whatever you use to browse your pictures), or using the selection dialogue if it appears. Then click "Start upload".